Lockdown to be extended and intensified

Lockdown to be extended and intensified

Berliners continue to face considerable restrictions on public life due to the Corona pandemic.

Lockdown in Berlin

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A sign indicating that masks are compulsory stands on the almost deserted square in front of the Brandenburg Gate.

The containment lockdown will be extended until 31 January. This was agreed by the Senate at a special session on Wednesday (06 January 2021). The state's infection control ordinance will be updated and adapted accordingly and is expected to apply from Sunday.

New limit for private meetings

Then a tightening of the contact restrictions with a new upper limit for private meetings will take effect, as dpa further learned. In future, these will only be allowed within the circle of relatives of one's own household and with a maximum of one other person not living in the household. If this person is a single parent, their children are not counted, so they may still join them. Up until now, there has been an upper limit of five people from two households for private meetings in Berlin; children are not counted. With the new rule, the Berlin Senate follows the decision of the federal and state governments on Tuesday. The rule on children of single parents is a Berlin-specific addition.

Schools, daycare centres and many shops remain closed

Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and the Prime Ministers of the federal states had agreed on Tuesday to extend the lockdown rules originally agreed until 10 January. Many shops, schools and day-care centres will remain closed.

Staff in hospitals and intensive care units at the limit of their resilience

Berlin's mayor Michael Müller (SPD) described the federal-state decision as "inevitable". The number of corona infections is still too high. The staff in hospitals and intensive care units are working at the limit of their capacity. In this respect, it is clear that there is still a lot to be done to contain the pandemic.
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The so called "hard lockdown" with closed shops, schools and day-care centres has been in effect nationwide since 16 December. Among others, restaurants, theatres, concert halls and other cultural and leisure facilities had to close several weeks before. The aim is to prevent contact between people and thus avoid infection with the coronavirus.

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