First vaccination center opened in Berlin

First vaccination center opened in Berlin

Following the first Corona vaccinations in Berlin nursing homes by mobile teams of doctors and nurses, the first of six vaccination centers has also opened in the capital.

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    A woman working in a nursing home is vaccinated against coronavirus at the Arena Treptow Vaccination Center.
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    Nursing staff stand in a long line outside the Arena vaccination center in Berlin Treptow for vaccination against the coronavirus.
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    Employees of the German Red Cross (DRK), the German Armed Forces and aid workers wait at the Arena Treptow vaccine center for the start of vaccinations against the coronavirus.
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    Two men wait for their vaccination against the coronavirus at the Arena Treptow vaccine center.
In the Arena Hall in Berlin-Treptow, starting Sunday afternoon (December 27, 2020), employees from retirement and nursing homes and staff from hospitals received the shot against the dangerous virus. Even before the opening, dozens of people had lined up, and from 2 p.m. they were admitted.

6 Corona vaccination centers in Berlin

Where concerts were held before the pandemic, 80 booths have been set up for vaccination. The arena is the largest of the six Berlin vaccination centers. By Dec. 30, 2020, 90 doctors are expected to work daily in the mobile vaccination teams as well as in the arena. The other five vaccination centers are expected to be up and running when there are enough supplies of vaccine. It has not yet been determined when that will be.

Many volunteers support Corona vaccination centers

The vaccination centers are organized by the aid organizations under the leadership of the Red Cross (DRK) with many volunteers. The vaccinating doctors come from the Kassenärztliche Vereinigung (KV). The project is supported by the German Armed Forces.

Two vaccine doses required per person

According to the health administration, Berlin initially received 9750 vaccine doses for the vaccination launch. The frozen material had only arrived on Saturday. Two doses are needed per person. Those who are vaccinated now will receive the second shot in January. On Monday, close to 20,000 more doses should arrive, followed by another round of close to 30,000 units on Wednesday. From the beginning of 2021, weekly deliveries of just under 30,000 vaccine doses are then expected.

Elderly people to be vaccinated first

Health Senator Dilek Kalayci (SPD) said 200 million euros have been budgeted for the construction and operation of the vaccination centers. "We want to proceed with vaccination here very quickly depending on the availability of the vaccine." Next up, she said, will be people over the age of 80, which is about 200,000, followed by those over 70.

Arena large enough for 5000 vaccinations a day

DRK state chairman Mario Czaja emphasized, "We feel well prepared." After the test on December 23, he said, procedures had still been improved in some places, such as admission and fever taking, to avoid congestion. The arena can vaccinate up to 5,000 people a day, he said. However, he said, they start with 800 to 900 people invited for vaccination per day.

Burkhard Ruppert: "Desperately waiting for more vaccine."

For the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (kassenärztliche Vereinigung), Burkhard Ruppert said, "Everything is prepared. It just depends on how much vaccine we get. We are now desperately waiting for more vaccine."
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Bundeswehr provides 450 soldiers to assist

Bundeswehr General Jürgen Uchtmann said 450 soldiers had been scheduled to provide support for all of Berlin. For the arena, he said, 70 soldiers had initially been deployed. They would register people, document the vaccination and transport the vaccine from on-site processing to the doctors.

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