Vaccine against the coronavirus arrived in Berlin

Vaccine against the coronavirus arrived in Berlin

One day before the planned start of vaccinations against the coronavirus, the vaccine arrived in Berlin on Saturday morning.

Corona vaccine (Pfizer)

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Corona vaccine

This was announced by a spokesperson for the Senate Department of Health on 26 December 2020. The first delivery has arrived, he said. "Vaccination will take place tomorrow." For security reasons, the vaccine would initially be stored at a central secret location. The first vaccinations are to take place on Sunday morning. First it will be the turn of the residents of Berlin's nursing homes, who are considered a particularly vulnerable group.
"Even though it will still take some time before we reach so-called herd immunity, today is a day of hope," said Health Senator Dilek Kalayci (SPD) on Saturday. "Nevertheless, I ask everyone to observe the AHA rules and stay at home."
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Mobile vaccination teams, of which there are 60 in Berlin, are deployed for the vaccinations in the nursing homes, which begin on Sunday. They travel to senior citizens' and nursing homes throughout Berlin. The vaccinations are to be extended in the future depending on the amount of vaccine available.

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