Obligatory quarantine for Berliners after stay in Poland

Obligatory quarantine for Berliners after stay in Poland

Berlin no longer wants to allow shopping trips to Poland.

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Short trips to shop and buy fireworks in the neighbouring country as part of the local border traffic will no longer be possible during the Corona pandemic without subsequent quarantine, the Senate decided on Tuesday (22 December 2020). This was announced by a Senate spokeswoman after the last regular session this year. "This means that Berliners who want to go shopping in Poland, for example, will have to go into quarantine after re-entering the country," the Senate Department of Health announced.

Local border traffic already restricted for Brandenburgers

Because until now, Berliners were allowed to enter Poland for a short trip and shopping without a subsequent quarantine, often only briefly across the border. Brandenburgers were already no longer able to do this because Brandenburg had also imposed a quarantine on local border traffic when the retail lockdown began. Now Berlin has joined Brandenburg.

Berliners may only leave their flat "for a valid reason"

The Senate had previously argued that there was no need for action because Berlin's Infection Protection Ordinance clearly states that people are only allowed to leave their homes "for a valid reason". Buying firecrackers in Poland was not one of them.
At various points on the German-Polish border, there are markets where Germans have been buying all kinds of things since time immemorial - including fireworks, some of which are not permitted in Germany. In Germany, the sale of fireworks is completely banned this year anyway because of the Corona pandemic.

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