Berlin vaccination centres are ready

Berlin vaccination centres are ready

Berlin is expected to receive the first 9750 vaccine doses from the company Biontech this Saturday (26 December 2020). The vaccination centres are ready to go, but are not yet being used immediately. This was explained by Health Senator Dilek Kalayci (SPD) on Monday after a tour of the vaccination centre in the Arena Treptow.

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    The six-part image combo shows the six Berlin vaccination centres.
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    The Corona vaccine from Pfizer-Biontech
Because the quantity will not be sufficient for larger mass vaccinations at first, according to the current information, the start of the mobile vaccination teams, which will drive to the nursing homes, is planned for this Sunday (27 December), Kalayci said. The Senate Department of Health announced via Twitter on Monday evening which vaccination doses are expected from Bionrech for the coming weeks. According to the statement, there will be 9750 this Saturday, followed by 19 500 more doses next Monday and another 29 500 two days later, making a total of just under 59 000 doses for December. At the beginning of 2021, weekly deliveries of 29 750 vaccine doses are expected, it said.

Vaccinations start in Berlin nursing homes

Following the approval of the vaccine by the EU Medicines Agency (EMA), deliveries are expected this Saturday (26 December), the senator had said earlier. "We have set up vaccination centres in six locations. They are all ready today," the senator said. In the initial phase, however, the vaccinations are to be limited to Berlin's nursing homes.
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Arena to be the first vaccination centre to go into operation

The first vaccination centre to start up later will be Arena Treptow, Berlin's largest vaccination centre. "And whenever there is more vaccine, we will also start up more vaccination centres," says the health senator. According to Kalayci, the vaccination centre in the Alt-Treptow district has 80 vaccination booths. "We have a total of 300 vaccination booths for all six vaccination centres. And we have scheduled 57 minutes per vaccinated person."

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