18,000 Corona vaccine doses for Berlin to start

18,000 Corona vaccine doses for Berlin to start

Berlin is expected to initially receive about 18,000 vaccine doses for the start of Corona vaccination.

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This was said by Health Senator Dilek Kalayci (SPD) on Friday (18 December 2020) to the RBB evening show. The vaccinations are to begin on December 27, those concerned will be invited by the authorities. The first vaccinations are to be given to residents of nursing homes, people over the age of 80, and employees in the care and medical sectors.

Kalayci expects a maximum of 720,000 vaccine doses by the end of March 2021

The procurement of the vaccine is in the hands of the federal government. Most recently, Kalayci had assumed that a maximum of 720,000 vaccine doses could be expected in Berlin for the first quarter of 2021. Since the vaccination - depending on the substance - must be repeated once every two or three weeks, that would be enough for 360,000 Berliners. This means that by the end of March, not even one tenth of the capital's population would have been vaccinated.
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