It's official: Hard lockdown in Berlin

It's official: Hard lockdown in Berlin

Two days before the start of the multi-week lockdown to contain the Corona pandemic, the Berlin Senate has also officially decided and published the restrictions and bans. This was announced by the Senate Chancellery late on Monday evening (14 December 2020).

Chairs are raised in a classroom

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Chairs are raised in a classroom

"The ordinance will come into force on 16 December 2020 and will initially apply until the end of 10 January 2021," it said. The Senate had agreed on Sunday to largely adopt the federal-state agreement reached earlier and to further shut down public life from Wednesday.

Most of the shops have to close

Most shops as well as hairdressers and beauty salons will have to close. Grocery shops, weekly markets, bookstores, pharmacies, drugstores, opticians, acousticians, petrol stations, car and bicycle repair shops and banks are still allowed to open.

Schools and day care centres are closing

Schools close as early as Wednesday. From 16 to 18 December and from 4 to 8 January, pupils are to learn at home, guided by teachers who are still on duty. In Kitas, there is to be only "emergency provision" for parents who cannot look after their children at home.

Restrictions for private encounters

For private meetings, the following still applies: maximum five people from two households plus children. At Christmas, five people are allowed to meet people from five households plus children. People are only to leave their homes for important reasons: for shopping, visits to the authorities, doctor's appointments, caring for relatives, walking the dog or sport. Sport is only allowed alone or with another person at a distance.

Alcohol in public spaces and sale of fireworks prohibited

The sale of alcohol for immediate drinking in glasses or cups and the drinking of alcohol in public outdoors are prohibited. The sale of fireworks is prohibited. From 31 December at 2 pm until New Year's Day at 6 am, the sale of alcohol is completely prohibited. Demonstrations are also not permitted.
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Lockdown in Berlin: These shops remain open

Since 16 December, Berlin has been in a so-called hard lockdown. Until 10 January, many shops and service providers have to close. Sales establishments offering products for daily needs are exempt. more

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