New Year's Eve: Fireworks sales ban

New Year's Eve: Fireworks sales ban

Until the very end, they had hoped for a milder lockdown: With the ban on the sale of firecrackers and rockets on New Year's Eve, the pyrotechnics industry sees its survival threatened.

Geschäft für Feuerwerk

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The association is demanding full compensation for sales losses in the three-digit million range. Since the industry generates 95 per cent of its annual revenues in December, association lawyers fear that companies will go away empty-handed when it comes to bridging aid. "We need separate aid money to secure the 3000 individual livelihoods in the industry," Schreiber explained.
After the decision of the federal and state governments not to ban fireworks for the time being, the companies had started their main deliveries. Now the retail trade is faced with the problem of what to do with the goods. Since fireworks are a commission business, the damage would have to be borne by the pyrotechnic industry. According to the association, the industry had a turnover of about 130 million euros last year. Part of this has already been lost because there were hardly any stage or large fireworks for events in 2020.
According to industry sources, online trade in firecrackers and rockets is not yet as pronounced as for other products. For larger quantities, the safety requirements make shipping expensive. In addition, punctual delivery is not guaranteed in every case.
Until the very end, the pyrotechnics industry had hoped for an exception for the specialised trade. "Compared to other sectors, we have the huge problem that we can only make our annual turnover in the last three days of the year," explained Klaus Gotzen, managing director of the association. From the association's point of view, an exception should be made for the pyrotechnics trade. As part of the hard lockdown against the Corona pandemic, Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and the Minister Presidents of the federal states had banned the sale of fireworks in principle before New Year's Eve on Sunday.

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