Corona traffic light remains red: 23 more deaths

Corona traffic light remains red: 23 more deaths

Another 23 people have fallen victim to the corona virus in Berlin. This brings the number of deaths to 641, as the health administration noted in its daily report on Thursday (3 December 2020).


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An employee prepares samples of people with suspected Covid-19 for further analysis.

With a further 1244 cases, the number of infections rose to 68,508. 47,474 of these people are now considered to have recovered. The Berlin Corona traffic light continues to show red. At 179.0, the 7-day incidence is well above the top warning level of 30, which means that in the past seven days, 179 out of 100,000 people were found to be infected.
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24.5 percent of intensive care beds in Berlin hospitals are currently occupied by Covid-19 patients. Thus, the traffic light for this area shows yellow - but is still close to red. The limit for the highest warning level is 25 percent. The situation is comparatively more relaxed for the so-called R-rate. The reproduction rate indicates how many more people are infected by an infected person on average. Here the traffic light is green with a value of 0.86, at 1.1 it would jump to yellow.

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