332 new corona cases reported in Berlin

332 new corona cases reported in Berlin

The Berlin health authorities reported 332 new infections with the coronavirus on Sunday (29 November 2020).


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Test sets with swabs are stored in a test centre for suspected cases of corona.

On Sundays, the number of cases recorded is generally lower than on other days of the week because not all health authorities report their data at the weekend and there is also less testing. Since the outbreak of the disease, a total of 64,220 people have been infected in Berlin. 42,014 patients are now considered to have recovered. Almost every tenth test is now positive.
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The number of people who have died with a corona infection so far is 553, and the occupancy rate of intensive care beds is 24.2 percent. Per 100,000 inhabitants, 202 infections were reported in the past seven days. This so-called seven-day incidence was slightly lower than during the week.

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