Corona resolutions: No loosening of rules during the holidays

Corona resolutions: No loosening of rules during the holidays

People in Berlin have to celebrate Christmas and New Year's Eve in smaller groups because of the Corona pandemic.

Gedanke an Weihnachten bedrückt viele

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This is because the easing of contact restrictions on private meetings over the holidays agreed by the federal and state governments will not apply in the capital. This was agreed by the Senate on Thursday (November 26, 2020). At the press conference after the Senate meeting, it was stated that there could be no such relaxation in the Berlin Corona hotspot.

Meetings with a maximum of five people - even during the holidays

According to the new regulations, a maximum of five people are to be allowed to meet in Berlin for private meetings over the holidays, with no restrictions on how many households they come from. In addition children in the age up to 12 years are to be allowed. On Wednesday, however, the federal and state governments had agreed on an upper limit of ten persons plus children up to 14 years of age for meetings "in the closest circle of family or friends" from December 23 to January 1.

Stricter contact restrictions starting December

As of December 1, the contact restrictions in Berlin will be tightened up in line with the decision of the federal and state governments. Private meetings with friends, relatives and acquaintances will then be limited to a maximum of five persons from one's own household and one other household because of the infection situation. Up to now, an upper limit of ten persons has been in force. Children up to 12 years are excluded. The federal and state governments had proposed an age limit for children of 14 years.

Partial lockdown extended until 22 December

The partial lockdown, which has been in effect since the beginning of November, will be extended in Berlin until December 22. This means that restaurants and numerous cultural and leisure facilities such as museums, theaters and swimming pools will remain closed. The federal and state governments had agreed to continue the partial lockdown due to the infection situation - however, according to the joint decision, it was planned to limit the measures to December 20.

No general ban on firecrackers in Berlin

On New Year's Eve there will be no general banning of firecrackers in Berlin because of the Corona pandemic. The senate agreed to implement the decision of the federal and state governments without change. According to this, zones where firecrackers are prohibited in busy places, where normally at the turn of the year especially many people gather, are to be designated. In Berlin there was that already in the previous year - the interior administration had already announced to examine appropriate places.
A general prohibition for New Year's Eve fireworks, as for instance the Greens had demanded, does not occur meanwhile. Families can let rockets rise into the sky or ignite firecrackers in the garden or in front of the front door. According to Senate circles, there should also be no tighter time limit for fireworks.

Berlin is closely aligned with nationwide resolutions

In general, Berlin is implementing almost all agreements from the video conference of the heads of state with Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) practically one to one. The exceptions are the restrictions on contact, especially over Christmas and New Year's Eve.

Berlin is considered a Corona hotspot

The underlying reason is the hotspot value on which the federal and state governments had agreed: From a number of 200 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants within one week, the corona rules are to be tightened even further. Affected are 60 districts as well as Berlin, where this value was 215.6 on Thursday. For comparison: The critical threshold value for this incidence, which the federal and state governments want to keep below with the help of the restrictions, is 50.
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Hybrid teaching possible at Berlin schools

Against this background, Berlin schools should be enabled to switch to so-called hybrid teaching in higher classes on a voluntary basis, in which pupils alternate between learning at school and at home. This is to apply to high schools and secondary schools from grade 8 on, but not to final year classes.

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