Vaccination centres procedure: invitation, duration and monitoring

Vaccination centres procedure: invitation, duration and monitoring

In the corona vaccination centres planned in Berlin, those willing to be vaccinated will have to bring some time with them.

Spritze mit Influenza-Impfstoff

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"From entering the vaccination centre to leaving, about one hour, when everything is running smoothly", said Albrecht Broemme, the project manager for the six centres, to the "T-Online" portal (Tuesday 24 November 2020). After the vaccination, people would have to wait another half hour - to see if any problems arose or any questions had to be answered.

Five vaccination booths per centre

According to Broemme, there will be five vaccination booths in each of the six vaccination centres. "Only people who have an invitation can get in." These come by mail. According to the Senate, about 400,000 people are to be vaccinated in Berlin initially. This could include older Berliners or hospital employees.
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Expansion of vaccination centres starts this week

The vaccination centres will be located in Exhibition Hall 11, in the former airports Tegel (Terminal C) and Tempelhof (Hangar 4) as well as in the Erika-Heß-Eisstadion in Mitte, the Velodrom in Pankow and the Arena in Treptow-Köpenick. Broemme told "T-Online" that the extension of the halls would begin this week and that the work would be completed by the beginning of December. At present, however, corona vaccines are still awaiting approval in Europe.

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