More than 1000 employees needed for vaccination centres

More than 1000 employees needed for vaccination centres

Helpers are now being sought for the planned Berlin corona vaccination centres. "We need well over 1000 people to operate the six vaccination centres," project manager Albrecht Broemme told the radio station "rbb 88.8".

A man demonstrates a vaccination

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A man demonstrates a vaccination.

These included doctors, paramedics and carers for the elderly. "It is a bundle of fire brigade, rescue service, Red Cross, relief organisations, DLRG, THW. There is enough work for everyone." He is happy when helpers come forward, said Broemme. "I am thinking of former nurses - similar to the Corona treatment centre." But former flight attendants could also be considered.
According to the European Commission, a first corona vaccine could be approved in Europe in the second half of December. "Hopefully we will have large quantities available from December", said Broemme. "Because by mid-December we will have the vaccination centres ready.
According to the Senate, about 400,000 people are to be vaccinated in Berlin initially. This could include older Berliners or hospital employees. Mass vaccinations in six large centres will be carried out at up to 20,000 doses per day. These centres will be set up by mid-December in Hall 11, in the former airports Tegel (Terminal C) and Tempelhof (Hangar 4) as well as in the Erika-Heß-Eisstadion in Mitte, the Velodrom in Pankow and the Arena in Treptow-Köpenick.
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"There is no question everywhere: vaccination is now the priority", said Broemme. The former president of the technical relief organization Broemme is coordinating the setting up of the centres. He had already led the construction of the Corona emergency hospital on the exhibition grounds. In order to ensure that staff can vaccinate undisturbed, private security guards are also to be hired for the vaccination centres, Broemme said. "We have to reckon with all sorts of things, even if the majority is in favour. It is enough for a few people to turn the wheel.

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