1251 new corona infections in Berlin

1251 new corona infections in Berlin

The health authorities in Berlin registered 1251 new corona cases on Thursday (November 19, 2020). This brings the total number of people infected with corona since the beginning of the pandemic to 53,314, with 32,827 being considered recovered.


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The number of corona deaths increased by 21 to 422, according to the health administration's situation report. For comparison: four weeks ago, there were 245 deaths. One of the three Berlin corona traffic lights is still on red - the so-called seven-day incidence. It now stands at 222.1 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants in the past seven days - and thus 10 percent higher than a week ago. The critical threshold for the seven-day incidence is 50, with the highest value in Berlin still being in the Mitte district (339.1) followed by Neukölln (336.4).

Capacity utilization of intensive care beds at 23.4 percent

According to the management report, 296 Covid-19 patients are currently being treated in intensive care units. This corresponds to an occupancy rate of 23.4 percent for the beds there with this type of patient. At the critical 25 percent mark, this traffic light would change from amber to red. The third traffic light with the so-called R-value is still green at 0.94. This indicates how many people on average are infected with the virus by a sick person.

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