Berlin Senate discusses further action in corona pandemic

Berlin Senate discusses further action in corona pandemic

On Tuesday (November 17, 2020), the Senate will deliberate on how to proceed in the corona pandemic after a good two weeks of partial lockdown. This is based on the results of the video conference between Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and the state premiers on Monday, during which no new restrictions were agreed.

Plenarsitzung Berliner Abgeordnetenhaus

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However, Merkel and the Minister Presidents urgently called on citizens to once again significantly reduce their private contacts. Since the infection rates were still high, everyone should refrain from private parties and limit meetings with friends and acquaintances to a fixed additional household, the resolution said.

Six large vaccination centers planned for Berlin

Another topic in the Senate is the establishment of vaccination centers, which is planned for mid-December. Six such large centers are to be built in Berlin, where thousands of people are to be vaccinated against corona every day. No vaccine is yet available, but several companies have announced that they will be doing so in the coming months. On November 2, public life throughout Germany was partially shut down - with the closure of restaurants, cultural, sports and leisure facilities and strict restrictions on contact. This applies initially for four weeks until November 29. Whether the measures are to be extended or tightened even further is to be decided at a new round of federal and state talks on November 25.

Müller demands perspective for culture and gastronomy

Berlin's Mayor Michael Müller called for longer-term political strategies to contain the pandemic after the Chancellor's call in the evening. "You can decide on each individual measure every day", said the SPD politician. "But we are at a point where, on the one hand, we have to react concretely to the figures, and where, on the other hand, we have to give not only the citizens, but also institutions, houses, culture and gastronomy a perspective of where things can go in the winter months.
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"The winter months will not be easy."

Müller sees the Corona situation in Germany as still problematic after two weeks of partial lockdown. "The situation remains worrying." In the past few weeks, some progress has been made through the measures taken. "But that is not enough," said the head of government. "The winter months will not be easy."

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