831 new corona infections on Saturday

831 new corona infections on Saturday

In Berlin, another ten people have been proven to have died in connection with a corona infection.


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This means that the number of deaths since the beginning of the pandemic has risen to 358, according to the new situation report published by the Berlin health authorities on Saturday (November 14, 2020). According to the new figures, 831 known corona infections have been added since Friday. 275 Covid-19 patients are treated in intensive care units, which corresponds to a utilization rate of 22 percent of the beds there. At the critical threshold of 25 percent, this traffic light would change from yellow to red.

7-day incidence of 207.6

The 7-day incidence is 207.6, which represents the number of cases per 100,000 inhabitants over the past 7 days. As limit value for the citizens of Berlin Corona traffic light 50 cases per 100,000 inhabitants are considered. The traffic light has long been set to red for this criterion.

R-value increases

The so-called R-value rose to 1.12, but is still within the green range. This value indicates how many people on average are infected by a sick person. However, the number of undetected cases of infected persons in Berlin is estimated by public health officers to be four times higher than the test results show.

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