Twelve dead after corona outbreak in care home in Lichtenberg

Twelve dead after corona outbreak in care home in Lichtenberg

In an old people's and nursing home in Lichtenberg twelve infected people died within five weeks after a corona outbreak.

Senior citizens' residence

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Paramedics during the evacuation of the senior citizens' residence in Berlin-Lichtenberg.

Eleven of them died in hospital, to which they were referred with symptoms, a spokeswoman of the operating company Kursana told the German Press Agency on Saturday (November 14, 2020). "To our knowledge, all of them had serious pre-existing conditions or were in the palliative phase. Currently 27 residents and 17 employees are corona-positive. According to the district office, there are also three other contact persons in category 1, as reported earlier by the "Tagesspiegel".
The responsible public health officer determined a "subacute nursing emergency" for the home, as a spokesman for the Lichtenberg District Office said. "Subacute" means one level lower than acute and threatening. According to the current circumstances, adequate care for the residents is not guaranteed, especially because many nursing staff are infected and are absent.
14 residents were already transferred on Friday. Most of them had been taken to hospitals, but also to other homes, the spokesman said. The medical officer is investigating the situation, also to clarify whether there were any deficiencies in the home.
According to the operator, a first resident tested positive during a hospital stay on October 8. "Afterwards, partial test series were carried out in individual residential areas. By November 3, test results for the entire house were available for the first time".
Since the first case occurred, the home has been closed to visitors, the spokeswoman stressed. "All hygiene measures according to RKI standards are being implemented, the staff all work with FFP-2 masks and additional surface disinfection is carried out regularly". Living areas with Covid-19 cases were immediately quarantined.
"Since the first case at the beginning of October, we have been in close contact with the public health department regarding the measures to be implemented and are coordinating our approach. A joint crisis team has agreed to transfer 14 residents who have tested positive to other facilities. In addition, there should be infection living areas to separate infected from non-infected residents. Starting in the middle of next week, employees are to use corona rapid tests before they start work. The home, which has several floors, has 108 single rooms and 20 double rooms, according to the company.

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