Court rejects requests against partial lockdown

Court rejects requests against partial lockdown

The Berlin Administrative Court has rejected further emergency motions against the partial lockdown ordered by the Senate. Nail and cosmetic studios, but also fitness studios and gyms must remain closed for the time being, a court spokesman announced on Friday.

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Earlier this week, the court had already dismissed about two dozen urgent requests, which had been filed mainly by restaurateurs and artists. The now defeated businesses had criticized the closures as "not necessary", the court continues to say. Hygiene concepts would be sufficient in their opinion. They also criticized the unequal treatment of businesses that are "allowed to open up further," such as hairdressers and retailers.
These urgent motions also did not stand up before the Administrative Court. The chambers consider the measures taken to be "proportionate". The prohibitions on opening the doors were "moreover appropriate in view of the growing incidence of infection". The court referred to the time limitation of the closures to initially one month and to the assistance that the federal government is making available to the companies affected.
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In order to contain the infection, the federal and state governments agreed at the end of October to close restaurants, bars and pubs as well as numerous other leisure areas for around four weeks. Schools and the retail trade remain open.

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