697 new corona cases

697 new corona cases

The number of new corona infections has continued to rise in Berlin. It increased by 697 to 39,379 within one day, according to the health administration's situation report from Saturday.


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Samples for corona testing are prepared for further investigation.

The increase is less than on Friday, but not all cases are registered on the weekend. In Berlin, 24,025 people are considered to have recovered. In connection with the virus 294 died, two more than the day before.
In the past seven days, Berlin has seen 188.9 corona cases per 100,000 inhabitants. The figure has again increased slightly. The Corona traffic light is here accordingly still on red. Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) has set a target for Germany to return to a maximum incidence of 50 cases. This would enable health authorities to track contacts of infected people. Berlin's most severely affected district, Neukölln, currently has 321.1 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants last week.
The utilization of intensive care beds with Covid-19 patients has decreased slightly compared to the previous day. The current figure is 19.2 percent (Friday: 19.5 percent). However, it remains close to the critical level of 25 percent, which it had been approaching steadily over the past few days. At present, the traffic light at this point still points to amber. If the mark is exceeded, it would jump to red. If two traffic lights point to red at the same time, this means that action is needed by the Senate.
On green the traffic light is still at the so-called reproduction number with 0.92 (Friday: 0.80). It indicates how many other people an infected person infects. This value is important for the development of the pandemic: according to the Robert Koch Institute, the R-value must remain well below 1 for a long time, at 0.7 or better still lower, in order for the situation to become controllable again.

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