15 new corona deaths: Nearly 1400 new infections

15 new corona deaths: Nearly 1400 new infections

1387 new corona infections as well as 15 deaths more than the day before and a growing strain on intensive care units: The corona situation in Berlin remains tense.


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According to the Health Administration's situation report of Thursday (November 5, 2020), the utilization of intensive care beds with Covid-19 patients is approaching the critical level of 25 percent. Exceeding it would cause the Corona traffic light to jump from current yellow to red for this indicator as well. If, moreover, the new infections were to remain at a red light, this would again mean a need for action for the Senate, as a spokesperson for the health administration said.

Occupancy of intensive care beds approaching critical level

According to the report, 19.1 percent of the approximately 1,200 intensive care beds are currently occupied by Covid-19 patients, compared to approximately 12 percent a week ago. The report puts the remaining free capacity at around 21 percent.

7-day incidence slightly decreased

Unchanged on red stands the Corona traffic light with the case numbers per 100,000 inhabitants in the past days with now 180.9. That is in the comparison to the previous day a slight improvement (182.5). Politically however a value under 50 is aimed at.

R-value below 1

The so-called reproduction number is still in the green range at 0.81. This means that an infected person infects less than one other person. In order to get back into a controllable situation, the so-called R-value must remain well below 1 for a long time, at 0.7 or even lower, according to the Robert Koch Institute. Since the beginning of the pandemic, 37,353 corona infections have now been detected in Berlin. Of these, 23,001 people are considered to have recovered. 287 people died.

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