Corona pandemic: Berlin goes into partial lockdown

Corona pandemic: Berlin goes into partial lockdown

To contain the corona pandemic, public life in Berlin is now being partially shut down for four weeks. Far-reaching restrictions on citizens, gastronomy, culture and sports will come into force.

Closed Bar in Berlin

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At a bar in Berlin the shutters are closed.

Restaurants, theaters, operas, museums, concert halls, fitness studios, beauty salons, leisure and sports facilities have to close. Amateur sports operations will be discontinued, so clubs will no longer be allowed to train. However, this does not apply to children up to 12 years of age - for them, further training in the fresh air is possible.
Citizens must adhere to strict contact restrictions, which are also reminiscent of the initial phase of the pandemic. In public as well as indoors, only persons from one's own household and two other persons from different households or members of two households with a maximum of ten persons are allowed to stay. Children under twelve years of age are excluded from this rule.
Commercial outdoor events with more than 100 people present are prohibited, as are events in closed rooms with more than 50 people present. Schools and daycare centers are to remain open, as are stores.
Trade associations and the cultural industry are looking forward to the coming weeks with great concern. They fear a wave of bankruptcies and demand unbureaucratic state aid. The federal government has announced that companies that are particularly hard hit will be compensated for large parts of their lost sales. The senate also wants to examine further aid. The politicians hope that the partial lockdown will help to get the rapidly rising infection figures and the growing pressure on the health system back under control. Whether this will work is an open question.

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