Müller asks for support for partial lockdown

Müller asks for support for partial lockdown

One day before the start of a four-week partial lockdown to contain the Corona pandemic, Berlin's Governing Mayor Michael Müller once again appealed to all citizens to abide by the strict contact restrictions and other rules.

Michael Müller (SPD)

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The governing mayor Michael Mueller (SPD) speaks.

"I know we expect a lot from many people again," said the SPD politician on Sunday in a government statement in the Chamber of Deputies. "But our conviction is: There is no other way. A drastic increase in infections and more deaths could be observed everywhere in Europe, including in Germany and Berlin. "And that is why it is important to act now."
Parts of the opposition criticized the measures in the special session of the House of Representatives as disproportionate. Nevertheless, Müller sought support for the chosen path directly from the members of Parliament and promised to involve Parliament more closely in the future in overcoming the Corona crisis. Members of parliament from all six parliamentary groups emphasized that they considered this to be urgently necessary. The FDP brought a bill "on the protection of fundamental rights and parliamentary participation during the pandemic" into parliament, which will now be further discussed in committees.
On Monday, parts of public life in Berlin, as in all of Germany, will be shut down for four weeks. Restaurants, cultural, sports and leisure facilities will have to close. In addition, there will be contact restrictions to remind people of the early days of the pandemic. The joint stay in public or indoors is now only permitted alone or with persons from one's own household and two other persons from different households or members of two households with a maximum of ten persons.
In this way, politicians hope to get a grip on rising infection rates and the growing pressure on the healthcare system. In Berlin, the number of new infections per 100,000 inhabitants climbed to 163.9 within seven days (Saturday). This puts the capital far above the critical threshold of 50.
The implementation of the rules is to be monitored by the Berlin police, federal police and public order offices. Nevertheless, November is the "month of personal responsibility", Müller emphasized. Because: "We cannot and do not want to monitor a city with almost four million inhabitants completely. We cannot and do not want to place a policeman in front of every living room. An open, even critical debate about the measures against Corona must be possible, he said.

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