Stricter rules for hospital visits starting Saturday

Stricter rules for hospital visits starting Saturday

Due to the renewed increase in new corona infections in Berlin, visiting rules for hospitals in the city are to apply from Saturday (17 october 2020).


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The Senate Health Administration has issued a corresponding ordinance. According to the decree, patients should be able to receive visits from one person once a day - for one hour. However, people with symptoms that indicate Covid-19 are not allowed to visit clinics according to the regulation.

No restrictions on visits to critically ill and dying patients

There are no restrictions on visits to severely ill and dying patients. According to the paper, pastoral care is also still possible. For births, women will be able to choose a person to accompany them. According to the health administration, the decree is to be published in the state's Law and Ordinance Gazette on Friday and will come into force on Saturday.

Visiting ban in Vivantes hospitals since monday

In view of the increase in corona infections, some hospitals had recently announced their own regulations. In the hospitals of the Vivantes hospital group, a visiting ban has been in effect since Monday - exceptions for children and the critically ill are to be possible, however.
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Restricted visiting rights in hospitals to protect risk groups

There had been major coronavirus outbreaks in several hospitals in Germany. People with previous illnesses and elderly people are among the risk groups for severe courses of disease. In March, the right to visit hospitals and nursing homes in the capital had already been severely restricted.

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