Special quarantine regulations in Mitte and Neukölln

Special quarantine regulations in Mitte and Neukölln

In the districts of Mitte and Neukölln, quarantines in response to the corona pandemic no longer have to be ordered in each individual case by the health authorities.

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Affected persons are generally required to go into isolation, as the district office of Mitte announced on Monday (October 12, 2020). This applies, for example, to people who were tested positive for the coronavirus, to their direct contact persons, and to people who show signs of disease that indicate infection and for whom a corona test has been ordered. Isolation is a crucial measure to interrupt possible chains of infection, according to the district office.

Decrees to prevent the health system from being overburdened

The basis of the new regulation is a so-called general ruling issued by the Health Department of Mitte. A similar general ruling has already been in place in the Neukölln district since last week. According to the statement, the decrees are to make it possible to take even faster action against the spread of the virus. The regulations apply to people living in the districts of Mitte and Neukölln.
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Accommodation ban for Berliners in Brandenburg

Due to the high increase in the number of corona infections in the capital, Berliners can no longer stay overnight in Brandenburg hotels, guesthouses or vacation apartments without a negative corona test. more

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