301 new corona cases in Berlin: Focus on Neukölln

301 new corona cases in Berlin: Focus on Neukölln

Corona numbers continue to rise. Neukölln is becoming the main focus. In the past seven days, 87.6 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants were reported there, as the Senate Department of Health announced on Monday (October 5, 2020). Berlin-wide the rate is now 41.5.

Test tubes

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Test tubes in a corona test center.

From all over the city, health authorities reported 301 new cases of corona on Monday. Since the outbreak, 15,948 people have been infected. 13,447 of them are considered to have recovered. 231 have died in connection with Covid-19. This number has not changed for several days. In the country's corona warning system, one of three traffic lights remains on red because of the high number of new infections. Green are the signals for the utilization of the intensive care beds and the reproduction value. This indicates how many people a corona infected person infects on average.

Individual districts identified as risk areas in Germany

In a total of four Berlin districts, the so-called 7-day incidence is above the critical mark of 50: in addition to Neukölln also in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg (58.9), Mitte (57.0) and Tempelhof-Schöneberg (53.6). Because of the high infection rates, Schleswig-Holstein has designated these districts as a risk area in Germany. As a result, holidaymakers or people returning from vacations have to go into quarantine immediately for 14 days or have to show two negative corona tests.

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