Senate discusses stricter rules against Corona pandemic

Senate discusses stricter rules against Corona pandemic

In Berlin, as elsewhere in Germany, the number of people infected with the Covid 19 virus has risen significantly - the Senate will discuss possible consequences on Tuesday (29 September 2020).

Christian Drosten

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Christian Drosten looks into the camera.

As in the past, experts are invited to attend, including the virologist of the Berlin Charité, Prof. Christian Drosten. The members of the Senate want to discuss whether stricter rules are needed to contain the corona pandemic. This applies, for example, with regard to the maximum limits for indoor events. From October 1, the current infection control ordinance will allow up to 1000 instead of 750 people to be present. According to a Senate spokeswoman, it is not yet clear whether this will remain so. The senate also wants to discuss the maximum number of participants at private parties.
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Michael Müller agrees to increased contact restrictions

Berlin's governing mayor Michael Müller got the population in the mood for a possible tightening of corona rules, including in terms of contact opportunities. "I do believe that we are going to arrange something new," the SPD politician told the German Press Agency before the Senate session and a subsequent switch of state leaders with Chancellor Angela Merkel this Tuesday.

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