Stricter corona rules for gastronomy

Stricter corona rules for gastronomy

As of this Saturday (September 5, 2020), stricter rules will apply in Berlin restaurants for the possible prosecution of contacts due to the corona pandemic. In the future, the obligation to collect guest data will not only apply to the interior of the restaurants, but also to places outside.

Hard Rock Cafe

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15.05.2020, Berlin: A waitress serves food at Hard Rock Cafe Berlin.

This was decided by the Senate on Tuesday. In addition, the amended Corona Ordinance also takes into account the guests: They are now obliged to provide complete and truthful information. Otherwise a fine between 50 and 500 euros threatens. The collection of data is intended to help inform guests if it turns out that someone in Restaurants was infected with the Corona virus. Health Senator Delek Kalayci (SPD) said that this is an issue "where we see a lot of carelessness". She is now hoping that visitors will no longer enter names like "Mickey Mouse" in the records. The innkeepers would have to pay more attention to this.
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