Plus 66 infections: Corona traffic lights stay green

Plus 66 infections: Corona traffic lights stay green

The number of registered corona infections in Berlin increased by 66 on Tuesday. This means that since spring there have been 10 851 cases in which people have become infected with the virus, as the Senate Department of Health announced on August 25, 2020. Of these, 9875 are healthy again.


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42 patients are treated in hospitals, 18 of them in the intensive care unit. The warning system managed by the Senate continues to display three green lights.
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If two of the three indicators - reproduction rate, new infections, occupied intensive care beds - are set to yellow, the system requires that measures to contain the infections be discussed and prepared. As soon as two of the three indicators point to red, measures must be implemented. 226 Berliners have died in connection with Covid-19 disease since the outbreak of the disease. On average, they reached the age of 81 years.

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