Berlin: 69 new corona infections

Berlin: 69 new corona infections

The number of registered corona infections in Berlin has increased by 69 since Tuesday. The day before, the figure was 76.


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A swab is held in an outpatient corona test facility.

This means that 10 462 cases have been confirmed since spring, the health administration announced on Wednesday. In particular, the weekly number of new infections per 100,000 inhabitants has risen in recent weeks - from 3.5 to now 14.4. The corona traffic light remains green for all three indicators.
One reason for more registered cases could be holiday returnees and the tests at airports on passengers from risk areas. Since the start of the airport tests at the end of July, around 18,000 people have been tested, around 250 of whom were positive, as Charité reported on Wednesday.
In the hospital, 33 people are currently isolated and treated, 15 of them in an intensive care unit. All other infected people are quarantined at home. 224 sick patients have died with a corona infection so far. Most were over 60 years old.
According to the Corona traffic light rating system, measures would have to be discussed and prepared when two of the three indicators are yellow. If two of the three indicators are red, measures to contain the infections must be implemented. The development of the reproductive rate (currently 0.80), the number of cases per week per 100,000 inhabitants (14.4) and the utilisation of intensive care beds with Covid-19 cases (1.2 per cent) are considered.
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