125 new corona infections: Corona traffic lights still green

125 new corona infections: Corona traffic lights still green

The number of confirmed corona infections in Berlin has increased to 9975. That is 125 more than the day before, according to data from the Senate Department of Health on Wednesday evening.

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An employee of the German Red Cross (DRK) holds a protective bag with a swab.

The reproduction figure fell to 0.92 and is thus below the critical mark of 1.1. Two days ago, the Corona traffic light was still yellow here. The so-called R-value indicates how many people an infected person infects on average under the current conditions. According to the data, 36 patients - two more than the day before - are isolated and treated in hospital, 14 of them in intensive care. The others are in quarantine at home. 224 people have died from the virus so far - this figure has again remained unchanged.

No additional measures necessary to contain the infection according to the Corona traffic lights

The number of new infections per week per 100 000 inhabitants is reported to be 10.2, slightly more than the previous day, but well below the critical level of 20 or more per 100 000 inhabitants per week. The proportion of intensive care unit places needed for Covid-19 patients remains unchanged at 1.1 percent. The traffic light here would change to yellow at 15 percent or more. If two out of three indicators are set to red, measures to contain the infections should be implemented.
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