Corona-infected person in bar again: Search for contact persons

Corona-infected person in bar again: Search for contact persons

In Berlin, bar visitors who may have been infected with the corona virus are once again being publicly sought. A person who tested positive for the corona virus was found in a bar in Mitte during the night of July 30th, was announced on Friday evening.

Stephan von Dassel

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Stephan von Dassel (Die Grünen), District Mayor of Berlin-Mitte.

"We therefore ask all guests who stayed (that night) between 11pm and 3am in the Neue Odessa Bar in Berlin Mitte to contact the Berlin Mitte public health department or the public health department responsible for you," said District Mayor Stephan von Dassel.
It is the third case of this kind in Berlin: Visitors of a bar in Neukölln and another bar in Mitte were also publicly wanted for Corona cases. In total, more than 70 people had been quarantined in connection with the other bar in Mitte. In the bar in Neukölln, numerous guests had become infected.
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The Berlin hotel and restaurant association Dehoga recently criticized that too many restaurants and pubs did not keep corona lists with the contact details of their guests. In addition, there were many guests who refused to fill out the lists or who filled them out incorrectly. The association appealed to both sides to comply with the regulations. It would be fatal if the number of infections were to rise again.

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