Number of corona cases in Berlin increased by 91

Number of corona cases in Berlin increased by 91

In Berlin, the number of corona infections has increased somewhat more strongly. On Wednesday (August 5, 2020) there were 91 confirmed corona infections more than the day before and thus 9489 cases so far.


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Swab tubes with samples lie on a table.

In the hospital, 47 people are currently being isolated and treated - one person more than on Tuesday, the Senate Department of Health announced on Wednesday. Of these, 20 are receiving intensive medical treatment. There has also been another death since Tuesday. According to the Senate Department of Health, 224 patients have died in the meantime in connection with the Covid-19 disease.

All parameters of the Corona traffic light remain green

The traffic light remained green for all three indicators that are decisive for countermeasures in Berlin. These include the Reproduction Rate R, which fell slightly again on Wednesday and currently stands at 1.01. It indicates how many people an infected person infects each time. On Tuesday it was above 1.1 for the second time in a row. If this is the case on three consecutive days, this indicator light turns yellow. If the value exceeds 1.2 more than three times, it shows red.

Countermeasures planned for two red indicators

The traffic light on Tuesday was clearly green for the other two indicators: the number of new infections per 100,000 inhabitants within a week was 8.8 on Wednesday, and the traffic light would only show amber from 20 onwards. The utilization of intensive care beds with corona patients was 1.5 percent. According to the health administration, this is still a very low figure. The Senate wants to implement countermeasures as soon as two of the three traffic lights turn red.
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Sex work soon allowed again

After months of prohibition due to the Corona pandemic, sex work will gradually be allowed again in Berlin. This was decided by the Senate on Tuesday. more

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