Do-it-yourself swab: Charité works on corona test kits

Do-it-yourself swab: Charité works on corona test kits

Coughing and running nose - could it be Corona? Experts at the Charité want to offer a do-it-yourself swab. They are developing a corona test kit.

  • Swab for testing for the SARS-CoV-2 virus.© dpa
    Swab for testing for the SARS-CoV-2 virus.
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    Charité University Medicine in Berlin. Here they are working on the new corona test kit.
"We are working on testing a tongue and cheek atrial swab that adults can use on themselves or parents on their children," said Frank Mockenhaupt, acting director of the Charité Institute for Tropical Medicine and International Health.

"The whole thing will take 2-3 days if all goes well"

In order to do this, the swab does not have to be taken as deeply into the nose as with the swab that has been used up to now. For example, the material can be sent to people who are willing to test it. "However, it remains to be seen whether reliable results can be achieved with the swab," said Mockenhaupt. The sample would have to be sent to the laboratory for analysis; the result could be requested online or by telephone. "The whole thing will take 2-3 days if everything goes well," said Mockenhaupt.

Simple corona test offer would help worried parents

For the autumn it is to be expected that especially younger children will often sniffle and have coughs, said Mockenhaupt. "In most cases this will not be Corona, but will make especially the parents nervous." In such cases in the grey area, quick certainty is required - and the test kit may be an option. "What we need is a simple, low-threshold test kit."

Extra thin swabs for the smear test on children

The head of the Berlin Corona School Study described the so-called deep nasopharyngeal smear as a central problem, especially in children. "This type of smear is the gold standard, but it is also quite personnel and resource intensive." For tests in school children before the summer holidays, extra thin and flexible swabs were used and also tolerated by the children.

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