9000 corona cases: Ten new infections

9000 corona cases: Ten new infections

The number of confirmed coronavirus infections in Berlin has risen from Saturday to Sunday (26 July 2020) by ten to now exactly 9000 cases.

Ein Abstrichstäbchen wird in die Kamera gehalten

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Ein Abstrichstäbchen wird in die Kamera gehalten.

This was announced in the evening by the Senate Health Administration. Currently 44 people are being isolated and treated in the hospital, 20 of whom are receiving intensive medical care - these figures remained almost unchanged compared to the previous day. No new deaths in connection with the Covid-19 disease were recorded on Saturday and Sunday. A total of 223 people have died in Berlin since the pandemic began.
According to the health administration, the Corona traffic light is still green for all three indicators. Neither the number of new infections per week per 100,000 inhabitants, nor the proportion of intensive care unit places needed for Covid-19 patients, nor the reproduction rate are therefore a reason to implement further measures to contain the infections.
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