49 new confirmed corona cases in Berlin

49 new confirmed corona cases in Berlin

The number of confirmed corona infections in Berlin increased by 49 to 8585. At present, 69 patients are still being treated in hospital, 28 of them in intensive care, the Senate Administration for Health announced on Thursday evening (July 9, 2020).

Samples for corona tests are examined.

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Samples for corona tests are examined.

In connection with Covid-19, 216 people are reported to have died since March. There's been no confirmed death since Wednesday. 7896 infected people have since recovered. The Corona traffic light is still green for all three indicators according to the health administration.

Reproduction rate well below the threshold of 1.1

The indicators are the reproductive rate - which shows the dynamics of the infection process - as well as new infections and the space needed for Covid-19 patients in intensive care units. The so-called R-value fell to 0.6, which is well below the threshold of 1.1, above which the traffic light would turn yellow if the R-value was reached or exceeded three times in a row.

All indicators remain in the green range

The number of new infections per week per 100 000 inhabitants is 7, which is also far from the critical level of 20 or more per 100 000 inhabitants per week. The proportion of intensive care unit places needed for Covid-19 patients currently reaches 2.1 percent; here the yellow area starts at 15 percent and up.

Central district records the most infections

After the three-part Berlin Corona traffic light, measures must be discussed and prepared when two of the three indicators are yellow. If two of the three indicators are red, measures to contain the infection must be implemented. Among the districts, Berlin-Mitte continues to have the highest number of confirmed infections with sars-CoV-2, with 1261, followed by Neukölln (1053) and Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf (861).
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