17 new corona cases in Berlin

17 new corona cases in Berlin

In Berlin 17 new corona infections have been reported. This brings the total number of registered cases since March to 8450, as the Senate Health Administration announced on Sunday evening (July 5, 2020).

A swab

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A swab is held in an ambulatory corona test facility.

At present, 118 people are still being treated in the hospital, 30 of whom are in intensive care. That is one person less than one day before. 215 corona patients have died since March. This means that no further deaths have occurred. The corona traffic light is still green for all three indicators. The reproduction figure rose to 1.09 (previous day: 0.82). This means that an infected person infects slightly more than one person. The number indicates the dynamics of the infection process and should be below 1.1 if possible.
If the value would exceed this threshold three times in a row, the traffic light would turn yellow; if it would also exceed 1.2 three times in a row, the traffic light would turn red. After the three-part Berlin Corona traffic light, measures must be discussed and prepared when two of the three indicators are amber. If two of the three indicators are red, measures to contain the infection must be implemented.
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