One traffic light still red: 46 new corona infections

One traffic light still red: 46 new corona infections

In Berlin, the number of corona cases increased by 46 to 8020. This was announced by the Senate Health Administration on Wednesday evening (June 24, 2020).

Swabs for Corona Test

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An employee of the German Red Cross holds a protective bag with a swab.

212 people infected with the coronavirus have died so far, one more than the day before. 7032 patients are now considered to have recovered. In the hospital 120 people are still being treated, 35 of them with intensive care.

Significant increase in new infections in recent weeks

One value of the so-called corona traffic lights is still red: The reproduction number (R-value) was 1.32 after 1.96 the day before and thus for the repeated time in a row a value of 1.2 or higher. This indicates the dynamics of the infection process - and in the last two weeks a significant increase in new infections was observed.

Remaining Corona traffic lights still in the green zone

However, the number of new infections per week in relation to the number of inhabitants and the proportion of places needed in intensive care units for Covid-19 patients are still in the green zone. After the three-part corona traffic light, measures must first be discussed and prepared when two of the three indicators are yellow. If two of the three indicators are red, measures to contain the infection must be implemented.

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