Mandatory mask order: Berlin introduces fine

Mandatory mask order: Berlin introduces fine

On Tuesday morning (23 June 2020), the Senate decided to impose a fine of 50 euros on passengers who violate the obligation to wear masks on buses and trains.

A woman with a mouth guard is seen in a subway.

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A woman with a mouth guard is seen in a subway.

The topic has long been controversial within Red-Red-Green coalision. SPD and Greens were in favour. The Left Party has repeatedly expressed doubts whether fines are the right way to achieve the goal. An obligation to wear mouth and nose protection in public transport is mandatory in Berlin since the end of April.

Michael Müller on fines for people who are not wearing masks

Berlin's governing mayor Michael Müller has defended the fines for mask-shy people. "On the one hand, we see how many people follow the rules quite naturally," said Müller (SPD) after the Senate session. But on the other hand, he said, there are some who, consciously or unconsciously, do not. "And at that point you have to be more definite." In the future, they should pay between 50 and 500 euros in fines.

Specific checks planned

"The Senator of the Interior has also made it clear that there will now be checks," explained Müller. "This will be similar to traffic monitoring. We realise that there isn't a speed check at every corner every day, but there are always checks on the main points of interest.

Warning against non-compliance with regulations

"So far we have worked with appeals, with reminders, and we have also achieved a lot in Berlin," explained the Governing Mayor. But especially in this phase, when infection figures are rising slightly again, this is no longer enough. "Where we see that some people are more careless in their handling of the situation, we must follow up more clearly, especially in public transport. Everyone in the Senate agreed today that something needs to be done about it." Covers for the mouth and nose are considered to be an important tool to slow down the spread of the corona virus.
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