Corona traffic lights still green: 7832 confirmed cases

Corona traffic lights still green: 7832 confirmed cases

In Berlin, the number of confirmed coronavirus cases has increased to 7832.

Abstrichstäbchen für Corona-Test

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A swab is held in an ambulatory corona test facility.

This was announced by the Senate Health Administration on Sunday (21 June 2020). Berlin's so-called Corona traffic lights rating system for the assessment of the pandemic situation continued to shine green on Sunday. The system is used to assess the pandemic situation and includes the reproduction rate (R-value), the number of new infections per week in relation to the number of inhabitants and the number of places needed in intensive care units for Covid-19 patients. 6886 people are considered to have recovered.
146 people are treated in clinics, 42 of them with intensive care medicine. The number of people who died in connection with Covid-19 was unchanged on Sunday at 211.
Corona-Warn-App (2)
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Corona-Warn-App starts in Germany

Apple and Google have already passed the federal Corona warning app. From Tuesday on you should be able to download and use it. What should users know about it? more

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