7602 confirmed cases - Corona traffic light green again

7602 confirmed cases - Corona traffic light green again

Berlin's so-called Corona traffic light for the assessment of the pandemic situation is glowing green again.

Corona test facility

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Employees from the public health department stand in the outpatient corona test facility.

After the R value for indicating the dynamics of the infection on Wednesday (June 18, 2020) jumped to yellow, it changed back to green with the value 1.01 on Thursday, as the Senate Health Administration announced on Thursday evening. The number of confirmed corona cases thus climbed by 128 to 7602.
According to the information provided, 138 patients are currently being treated in isolation, 45 of them in intensive care. The number of deaths related to Covid-19 is 211, compared to 210 the day before. The age group most strongly represented here is the over-80s, at 116. The traffic light changes to red when the reproduction number (R-value) is 1.2 or higher for the third time in a row. According to the health administration, the current 7-day R-value is 1.00, after 1.06 and 1.24 on the previous days. The number of new infections per week is also still within the green range at 8.78, as is the proportion of places required in intensive care units for Covid-19 patients (3.6 percent).
After the three-part corona traffic light, measures must first be discussed and prepared when two of the three indicators are yellow. If two of the three indicators are red, measures to contain the infection must be implemented.
Corona-Warn-App (2)
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