Berlin introduces new quarantine rules for inbound travellers

Berlin introduces new quarantine rules for inbound travellers

New quarantine rules apply in Berlin for people entering from abroad. "We have today transposed the nationwide quarantine regulation into state law," said Senator of the Interior Andreas Geisel (SPD) on 16 June 2020 after a Senate meeting.

Andreas Geisel spricht bei einer Pressekonferenz

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Andreas Geisel (SPD), Berlin Senator of the Interior, speaks at a press conference.

The question was how to deal with people returning home from countries outside the European Union. Geisel explained that it is a nationwide policy to send them into a 14-day quarantine. "However, it is possible to escape from quarantine prematurely with a negative corona test."

No quarantine with a negative corona test

According to the Senator, the regulation, which is now also applicable in Berlin, affects all persons entering the country from so-called third countries, which are considered to be risk areas. Currently, such quarantine is also required for entries from Sweden. "In Sweden, we have the situation that the number of infections has risen so much in the last few days that the federal government has imposed an appropriate quarantine measure," explained Geisel.

Quarantine is compulsory for people entering the country from risk areas

Risk areas are defined as states or regions outside the Federal Republic of Germany for which there is an increased risk of infection with the coronavirus at the time of entry. Classification as a risk area is carried out by the Federal Ministry of Health, the Foreign Office and the Federal Ministry of the Interior and is published by the Robert Koch Institute.
Editor's note: This is an adjusted version of a dpa report from Tuesday, June 16, 2020.
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