7401 Corona cases: R-value jumps to yellow

7401 Corona cases: R-value jumps to yellow

In Berlin, the number of confirmed coronavirus infections increased by 33 cases to 7401. At the same time, one of three indicators of the so-called Corona traffic lights jumped from green to yellow.


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Electron microscope image shows the virus that causes COVID-19

Affected was the reproductive index (R-value), which describes the dynamics of the infection process and was 1.49, as the Senate Health Administration announced on Tuesday (June 16, 2020). In contrast, the number of new infections per week in relation to the number of inhabitants was in the green zone with a value of 8.78, as was the value for the proportion of places needed in intensive care units for Covid-19 patients (3.2 percent).

Currently 141 people under treatment for corona infection

After the three-part Berlin Corona traffic light rating system, measures must first be discussed and prepared when two of the three indicators are yellow. When two out of three indicators are in red, measures to contain the infection must be implemented. According to the notification, 141 people are undergoing treatment in hospitals and 42 are receiving intensive care.To date, 209 people have died from the novel coronavirus.
Corona-Warn-App (2)
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Corona-Warn-App starts in Germany

Apple and Google have already passed the federal Corona warning app. From Tuesday on you should be able to download and use it. What should users know about it? more

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