Corona traffic light rating system: R score at 0.9

Corona traffic light rating system: R score at 0.9

All three so-called corona traffic lights for assessing the infection situation in Berlin are back to green.

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The reproductive rate (R), which had been above the critical value of 1.2 for the past three days, dropped to 0.9, according to the Senate Health Administration on Tuesday evening (26 May 2020). This means that statistically 10 infected persons in Berlin now only infect 9 people. On Monday, the R-value was still at 1.37 and the traffic light had turned red. The number of known infections increased by 21 new cases on Tuesday, and two new deaths were reported.

Need for action at two red lights

According to the new traffic light system with three values, there is a need for action when two red lights come on, and more measures could then be imposed again, for example, to curb the traffic. The other two values continued to fall slightly: with a current value of around 4.7 corona cases per 100,000 inhabitants, the new infection traffic light is currently well below the threshold for amber (20 or more) or red (30 or more). The occupancy rate of intensive care beds with Covid-19 patients was 4.5 percent on Tuesday - for yellow it should be at least 15 percent, for red at least 25 percent.

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