Two months of corona restrictions: About 4500 charges in Berlin

Two months of corona restrictions: About 4500 charges in Berlin

In the two months since the introduction of the strict rules in mid-March, the Berlin police have recorded almost 4500 violations of the Corona restrictions.

A police communications team patrols Mauerpark

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A police communications team patrols Mauerpark

Indicated were 1530 criminal offences such as illegal shop or snack bar openings since 14 March, as the police announced on Friday (15 May 2020). In addition there were 2945 administrative offences such as insufficient distance between people since 23 March.

Over 2600 businesses reviewed

During these periods, hundreds of police officers inspected more than 2600 shops and businesses and almost 16 000 people in the open. On Thursday, 5 criminal charges and 13 administrative offences were added. During the day, 425 police officers were engaged in such checks.

Number of new corona infections decreased

Meanwhile, the number of corona patients in hospitals as well as the number of people currently infected continued to decrease significantly. According to the Senate's announcement on Thursday evening, only 282 corona patients are still being treated and isolated in hospitals, 103 of them in intensive care units. This corresponds to the situation at the end of March.

5737 Berlin Corona cases are considered recovered

According to the Senate, 5737 of the 6393 recorded cases of infection in Berlin are considered to have recovered. 177 people died. Only 479 people are still registered with an acute infection. In addition, however, there is an unreported number of infected people who are not known to the health authorities.

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