Berlin Clubs want open-air parties with rules

Berlin Clubs want open-air parties with rules

Following the announced relaxation of the corona measures, the Berlin club scene is banking on opening up its open-air areas.

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Following the example of other cities - such as Vilnius - a general opening of open spaces until 12.00 p.m. is also demanded for Berlin, the Berlin Club Commission announced on Friday. However, the music program should be finished already at 22.00 o'clock. The exception should be limited to 15 October and should enable the clubs under threat to offer at least parts of their premises an open-air service for "the culture-hungry guests" during the summer, while observing all hygiene rules.
The association proposes rules such as admission with mouth-nose cover and via a personalised online ticketing system. When entering and leaving the building, the ticket should be scanned so that it can be tracked by the health authorities for 30 days. "For booking, artists living in Berlin are preferred."
Clubs that did not have suitable areas were to obtain special use permits for suitable streets or squares from the road and green space authorities using a simplified procedure, it was further said. The Berliner Clubs see their existence threatened because of the weeks of closure during the Corona crisis. Their turnover has collapsed.

Source: dpa

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