Hairdressers allowed to open from 1 March: Strict regulations

Hairdressers allowed to open from 1 March: Strict regulations

Hairdressers are allowed to reopen since 01 March 2021 under strict conditions.


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Eine Friseurmeisterin frisiert einer Kundin die Haare.

The Federal Chancellor and the heads of government of the Länder agreed on this regulation during their consultations on 10 February 2021. However, Hairdressing establishments must comply with strict hygiene requirements. In the course of the relaxation of the lockdown in April 2020, for example, hairdressers had to wear protective clothing and masks, and customers also had to wear masks.

At the hairdresser: Waiting customers must stay outside

The distance and hygiene rules for the hair salons are strict, according to the health administration. Customers are only allowed to enter after making an appointment. A safety distance of two metres must be ensured between seats, within which no customer is allowed to stay. Waiting customers must stay outside: they are "not allowed to stay inside the premises". And, of course: masks are also compulsory.
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No general Corona testing obligation for clients

There is no general corona virus test obligation for hairdresser clients. However, if it is necessary to remove the medical face mask during the visit to the hairdresser, for example during a shave, the client must present a negative corona test. This can be a quick test or a self-test. In the latter case, however, the test must be carried out directly on site and under the supervision of the hairdresser.

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