Appeal by Müller: Adhere to corona rules during the Easter period

Appeal by Müller: Adhere to corona rules during the Easter period

Berlin's Governing Mayor Michael Müller has appealed to the people in the capital to adhere to the exit restrictions and distance rules due to the corona pandemic also during Easter.

Michael Müller

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The Governing Mayor of Berlin Michael Müller.

"You have to keep saying it, even now, before this long weekend: We are still in an exceptional and critical situation", the SPD politician explained after a Senate session on Thursday (9 April 2020). "Our urgent appeal is: Please continue to take it seriously. Make yourself aware that there is still a major health risk for everyone."

Compliance is particularly difficult at Easter

The senate is constantly dealing with the question of how to proceed after the Corona crisis, said Müller. "And there will also be a perspective with certainty for us all. But we have not yet reached that point." In order to protect oneself and others from infection, it remains important "also for the next four or five days" to observe the rules of distance and hygiene - even if it is difficult, especially at a festival like Easter.

Contact restrictions apply until April 19th

The so-called ban on contact is valid in Berlin as in other federal states until the end of the Easter holidays on April 19. On the Wednesday after Easter (April 15), Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and the State Premiers of the federal states will hold a telephone conference to discuss how things should proceed from 20 April. A gradual easing of restrictions is conceivable, also to get the economy back on track. Mr. Mueller emphasized that in the event of possible loosening, he attaches great importance to freedom of assembly, which is currently severely restricted. This is a fundamental right.

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