Corona crisis: Müller writes to the citizens of Berlin

Corona crisis: Müller writes to the citizens of Berlin

In a letter to the citizens of Berlin, the governing mayor Michael Müller has appealed for understanding for the Senate's measures to contain the Corona pandemic.

Michael Müller

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The Governing Mayor of Berlin Michael Müller.

"We are experiencing a major crisis worldwide, the like of which we have never seen before. Our country and our city have also been severely shaken by the Corona crisis. Everyone is feeling the effects," says the letter, which is to be delivered this week to almost 2.2 million Berlin households, as the Senate Chancellery announced on Monday (April 6, 2020).

Senate is looking for quick and unbureaucratic solutions

"I promise you: We will leave nothing undone to contain the Corona infections in the city. But in return we are forced to drastically restrict our lives," Müller warned. The measures already taken are drastic, the SPD politician admitted. "We are feeling this especially in Berlin. Instead of pulsating life, empty streets now dominate the picture. Many were worried about their jobs and livelihood. The Senate will seek solutions to help them quickly and unbureaucratically.

Müller appeals for solidarity

Müller called on the Berliners to show solidarity. "It is worthwhile to fight together now, to defy the crisis and to be there for each other in these days and weeks," the governing mayor explained. "We must all now take responsibility for ourselves and for others. This includes helping older people in the neighbourhood with shopping", the "Bürgerbrief" continued.

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