March: 50 000 coronavirus tests performed in Berlin

March: 50 000 coronavirus tests performed in Berlin

At least 48 771 laboratory tests for the new coronavirus have so far been carried out in Berlin.

Nurse Gabriela takes a smear test on patient Vincent

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Nurse Gabriela takes a smear test on patient Vincent

This was announced by the Senate Department for Health at the request of the German Press Agency (as of 29 March). Of these, 2863 (5.9 percent) were positive. However, it remained unclear from when the tests were counted: "From the beginning of the exact recording", it was only stated.

Test capacities in Berlin doubled

Between 23 and 29 March alone, more than 19,700 tests were carried out, 7.4% of which were positive, according to the authority. Last week, the capacities for the state of Berlin were more than doubled, to 8150 tests per day. Ten laboratories in Berlin are evaluating the results, according to the agency. In addition, tests are also being conducted in laboratories in other states.

Declining demand for test places

About one month after the launch of Berlin's first corona examination centre at the Charité, a decreasing demand for consultations and tests is observed there. "We are seeing a significant decrease," said the deputy medical director, Joachim Seybold. The other examination centers in Berlin would also report this. "We can meet the demand." In total, about 3700 suspicious cases have been tested since the start on March 3.

Many came to examination centres with a cold

At peak times, up to 170 consultations were held at the contact point on the Virchow-Klinikum campus in Wedding, some of them with operating hours from 8.00 to 22.00 hrs. At present, there are still about 70 to 90 tests daily. "In the beginning there was a lot of excitement among the population, many came with a cold," said Seybold. According to the study, less than one in ten of all those tested had actually become infected with Sars-CoV-2: "8.4 percent of the tests turned out positive," said Seybold.

Fewer travel returnees in Berlin

The physician said that the reasons for the decline were suspected, but could not be proven. After a large number of skiers had come for tests, there were now fewer people returning. "The measures have also reduced the opportunities for contact in society as a whole. But other factors, such as technical solutions for pre-sorting patients that have since been introduced, may also play a role.
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