Judges confirm ban on dancing in clubs in Berlin

Judges confirm ban on dancing in clubs in Berlin

The ban on dancing in Berlin clubs and discos remains in place for the time being.


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Source: dpa/deepl.com
Date of publication: December 28, 2021
Last updated: December 28, 2021
This was announced by the Administrative Court of Berlin on Tuesday (28 December 2021) after it rejected urgent applications by club owners and event organisers. The ban represents a "considerable encroachment on the freedom of occupation", the judges said. However, there are currently no mitigating measures available. (Ref.: VG 14 L 633/21 and VG 14 L 634/21)

High risk of infection during dance events

The judges did not fail to recognise that other measures such as a negative test, a complete vaccination or proof of recovery in combination with a hygiene concept reduced the risk of new infections. In fact, however, infection could only be prevented by a ban.

The judges argued that there was a particularly high risk of infection at dance events through aerosol transmission. Over a longer period of time, a larger number of people are in closed rooms and when dancing, there is an increased breathing activity. People spoke loudly in the face of loud music - and with "alcohol-induced disinhibition", the rules of distance were typically quickly forgotten.

Club owners and organisers filed emergency applications

According to a court spokesperson, a total of a dozen club owners and organisers had opposed the ban. Appeals against the decisions can be filed with the Higher Administrative Court of Berlin-Brandenburg.

Source: dpa/deepl.com

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